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  • Prof. Dr. Heinecke Stephanie
  • Fachhochschulen / HAW
  • privat, staatlich anerkannt
  • 1848
  • 16.028 (WS 2023/2024)
  • Nein
  • Nein
  • Hessen

University Profile

Next Generation University since 1848

In 1848, Carl Remigius Fresenius opened his "Chemical Laboratory" in Wiesbaden - and thus laid the foundation for our university. The laboratory also included a chemistry school, where Carl Remigius dedicated himself to educate the next generation of professionals. 

Since then, much has happened in the last more than 170 years. The educational institution that Hochschule Fresenius is today has passed for a lot of changes and development. What remained throughout all this time, is the passion to educate and accompany (young) people on their professional journey and in their personal development. It’s still at the core of everything we do today. 

With around 18,000 students, we are one of the largest and most renowned private universities in Germany. Five departments and nine locations across Germany illustrate our diversity in the range of courses and study formats we offer: you can choose between full-time and part-time studies on the campus and also flexible distance learning.

there is a very personal atmosphere on campus and plenty of individual support
we provide our students with the conditions they need to grow both academically and personally

Continued professional education at Hochschule Fresenius

Due to constant change in the professional world, important qualifications are losing importance, while other, new ones are increasingly in demand. Job profiles are transforming and bring not only new challenges, but many also new perspectives. We offer with our continued professional education to accompany you in your professional reorientation or to impulse your career.

has been promoting lifelong learning for many years
aims to offer various study options that are fluid and encompass all phases of life